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Schellen Bell

Branding, Label Design, Illustration

Schellen Bell is a cow's milk cheese made at the historic Käserei Studer in Switzerland.

It was such a privilege and joy to dive into the lovely world of the Swiss folk tale "Ursli" and build a brand identity system around her story with the bell. The Swiss children line up for the Chalandamarz parade and Ursli our main character is stuck in the back of the parade because of her tiny bell. She vowes that somehow she would lead the next parade. Ursli packs a bag and hikes into the snow covered Alps. Eluding Frost Giants that once ruled over all of Switzerland, Ursli finds safety in caves and climbs the mountains until she discovers a snow covered cabin with the largest bell inside. She returns to her town and proudly leads the next parade with her enormous bell as the whole village cheers. Complimenting this beautiful Swiss story with visual storytelling we were able to create a colorful identity for the brand and even designed a comic book for the launch of the cheese.

Schellen Bell is a cow's milk cheese made at the historic Käserei Studer in Switzerland.
Schellen Bell
Where to buy
Schellen Bell

We are proud to share with you the end product of this successful project. In an era where everything has become digital – we'd love to give you an opportunity to view the product in real. 


13.5 lb • $221

Schellen Bell Wheel


Schellen Bell Wedge

6 oz • $8


6 oz • Out of Stock

Schellen Bell Wedge

how we designed
Schellen Bell





1. Brand Exploration

Week 1, Folk Tale and Swiss Cheese Research, Moodboard & Meetings

Brand Story, Strategy, Vibe, Brand Value

2. First Design Options

Week 4, Three different brand and label directions + Presentation

Logo, visual identity, label design options

3. Revision and Completion

Week 6 , Receiving feedback + making tweaks

Brand Guide, Packaging Print Files, Logo Kit

4. Overtime Comic Book Design

Designing and illustrating printable 6 page comic book.

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