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Kestrel Kitchen Nut Butters

Branding, Packaging, Illustration

Kestrel Kitchen is a small producer of homemade, gluten free nut & seed butters based in South Jordan, Utah.

In early 2022, Kestrel Kitchen reached out to Zeki Michael Studio to work on their range of nut and seed butter blends. We wanted to create something clean, fun and playfully unique. Early on in the project we decided that each and every nut butter product in the Kestrel Family should feel different from each other in character. Inspiration was taken from birds and their relationship with nuts and seeds. Each bird has a different character, but all give joy and spread a positive feeling to their surroundings. With this fun idea we set out to create a tasty and positive brand identity and illustration/label system featuring 6 bird types; Redstart, Goldfinch, Quetzal, Sunbird, Sandpiper and Ibis.

Kestrel Kitchen is a small producer of homemade, gluten free nut & seed butters based in South Jordan, Utah.
Kestrel Kitchen Nut Butters
Where to buy
Kestrel Kitchen Nut Butters

We are proud to share with you the end product of this successful project. In an era where everything has become digital – we'd love to give you an opportunity to view the product in real. 


225 gr • Coming Soon

Kestrel Redstart


Kestrel Quetzal

225 gr • Coming Soon


225 gr • Coming Soon

Kestrel Sunbird

how we designed
Kestrel Kitchen Nut Butters





1.Brand Exploration

Week 1 started with Research about Bird types, Printing Techniques, Moodboards & Meetings

Strategy, Vibe, Brand Value

2.First Design Concepts

At Week 4 we had three different concepts and presented them to the Kestrel Team.

label design options, Brand Identity, Logo, Bird drawings

3.Revision & Completion

At Week 6 we presented updated illustrations for the selected concept.

Bird Illustrations, Ingredient Illustrations, Concept Updates, Logo Kit

4.Test and Launch

After testing the lid and jar labels on the actual products, we prepared print ready artwork files.

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