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McCall's Irish Cheddar

Rebrand, Brand Creation, Packaging

McCall's Grassfed Irish cheddar is a line of Éire-made cheese produced with grassfed milk aged for 6 month & 12 month.

McCall's Grassfed Irish Cheddar previously known as "McCall's Shamrock Cheddar" is a rich and buttery, and slightly sharp line of cheddar cheeses imported from Ireland and distributed to the US markets. In 2021, Gourmet Foods International chose Zeki Michael Studio to work on their much-awaited re-brand with a goal to re-conquer the US markets through dedication to authentic Irish cheddar making. With a design approach focusing on big, bold and characteristic lettering Zeki Michael explored a style that not only stands out on the shelf, but also communicates the Irishness and heritage aspects of the product in a retrospectively simple way. The re-design is built around a responsive logo system featuring a happy cow feeding on grass and additional assets such as a hand holding out shamrock branches as a symbol for good luck .

McCall's Grassfed Irish cheddar is a line of Éire-made cheese produced with grassfed milk aged for 6 month & 12 month.
McCall's Irish Cheddar
Where to buy
McCall's Irish Cheddar

We are proud to share with you the end product of this successful project. In an era where everything has become digital – we'd love to give you an opportunity to view the product in real. 


7 oz • 198 gr

McCall's 6 Month Cheddar


McCall's 12 Month Cheddar

7 oz • 198 gr


7 oz • 198 gr

McCall's Whiskey Cheddar

how we designed
McCall's Irish Cheddar





1. Brand Exploration

Week 1, Rebrand Strategy, Marketing Meeting & Moodboard

Rebrand, Strategy, Target Audience

2. First Concepts

Week 4, Three different brand directions for Cryovac Packaging & Retail Display

New Logo, Brand Identity, Colors, Package with Options

3. Tweaks and Revisions

Week 6 , Applying selected design to multiple items, logo kit preperation

Packaging Print Files, Logo Kit

4. Happily Ever After

McCall's goes live on Instacart and other platforms

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